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1kg Bacon - Streaky
1kg Bacon - Back
1kg Bacon - Chopped
12x Eggs - X-Large
1L Milk - Full Cream
1L Milk - Low Fat
1L Milk - Fat Free
2L Milk - Full Cream
2L Milk - Low Fat
2L Milk - Fat Free
1L Milk Sachet - Full Cream
1L Milk Sachet - Low Fat
1L Cream 1 litre
4L Cream 4 litre
500g Butter

Albany Superior Best of Both
Albany Superior White Low GI Bread
Albany Superior Brown Seed Bread Low GI
Blue Ribbon Brown Bread - sliced
Blue Ribbon Low GI Brown Bread Plus
Blue Ribbon Classic White Bread - sliced
Blue ribbon Wholewheat Digesta
1kg Cheddar - grated

1L Yoghurt - Various Flavours
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